Sell on Trymake

Want to sell on Trymake? Great! But here are a few things you should keep in mind before contacting us.

  1. We are only selling electronics equipment through our site currently. However, if you want to work with us we also offer a B2B service which allows you to sell your products in bulk to retail shops
  2. We follow a drop shipping model. You have to take care of the shipping on orders received through our site.
  3. Customers will have an option to return the items purchased within one week if they are not satisfied with the products. So, you will receive payments for products sold after one week from date of delivery.
  4. If you are found to sell counterfeit products we’ll immediately freeze your seller account.
  5. If you are found to ship wrong items on purpose we’ll immediately freeze your seller account.
  6. Shipping defective items on purpose will result in Termination of seller account.

You can get in touch via our contact us page. We’ll get back to you ASAP.