Q. Are my products shipped by Trymake.com?

No. We follow a marketplace model. Our suppliers ship the product to your address. We have carefully filtered our suppliers , so that you get original products at the fastest possible delivery time.

Q. How do i cancel or return my order?

Just send us an email via our complaints page. We will process your request immediately. The cancellation request has to be given within 24 hrs of order placement. Return requests have to be place within 7 days from the deliveryof the product.

Q. Do you have COD?

No. However, we’ll add this feature in the near future.

Q. How can i order in bulk?

Your orders are limited by the stock we place on our Trymake.com. However if you are a small business or a retail shop who want to order items in bulk, you can get in touch via our contact us page. We’ll contact you as soon as possible. Avail greater discounts when you order in bulk.